Dec 16, 2011

DIY: Dog Bed

My poor little Maggie dog had been desperate for a new doggie bed and the offerings at Petco/Petsmart and Target just weren't cutting it.  I did some searching online and got inspired by the whole idea of a shabby chic one, but couldn't bring myself to spend $150 or more on one!  So, I searched (my mom's house) and came up with a giant wicker thing (may have been an old pet bed of some sort) and was lucky enough to have my sister-in-law help me! It took me way too long to complete this but here it is...

This looks exactly like the bed I used.  I used about two cans of white spray paint (should have used a primer - note to self!) I got one package of stuffing and a yard of fabric.  Thank you to my SIL for sewing it for me!!

 And that is a happy puppy! Next project, a dog toy bin!  She needs to keep all her goodies somewhere!  This was super easy and SO much cheaper than buying a new bed!  I think I spent $25 total!


  1. She looks SO cute and content in it :) It looks great!

  2. dog luxury beds for children are no longer just to get a double bed size more than that. Now you can get a double bed with double bed - but that's not all. Bed not only offers plenty of sleeping space, has an office! I'm sure you will get the kids to try to actually do their homework.

  3. Memory foam dog beds are an excellent choice providing exceptional comfort and support, pecially for the older, unwell or convalescing beds.I am very thanks for your posting and sharing.

  4. Small dog beds are available for such pet breeds and you can choose whichever you like.


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