Dec 4, 2011

This Week in Pictures...

After a lovely three day break from internet service (they randomly shut it off by mistake?!) I can finally post again! We are knee-deep in unpacking and working on the house.  Lesson learned:  dealing with people involving your house is a P-A-I-N! Our new appliances were supposed to come yesterday but we received a call at 8 pm the night before saying they weren't coming at all!  After hours of back and forth, we should be getting them later this week.  I had hoped to have the kitchen finished by today but hopefully in a few more days!  Then I can finally share some pictures!  In the meantime, I thought I would get back to sharing my week in (iPhone) pictures! 

 A took her wellie sock box and put an ipod in it to make a tv.  Also, wellie socks for toddlers are quite possibly the cutest thing ever!

 Someone got a haircut this week (this was a before shot with her hair blown out straight.  She wasn't a fan!)

 A and I both got OPI's Don't Know Beets Me on our nails.  I skipped the extra coat of glitter though :(

 My SIL and brother sewed Maggie a new pillow for an old basket I found to make her a new bed.  I still need to paint the bed, but thank goodness for their help because she is one happy puppy!

 There have been lots of loud noises in the house the past few days!

 A little morning reading...

 Finally, what to do with old moving boxes? Make yourself a rowboat!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. loveee A in the box! just like when she was tiny. those are my favorite shots of her :)

  2. Boxes are the toy of choice! When you move back you should save yours for your future bebes!!!


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