Dec 19, 2011

This Week in Pictures...

How was your weekend?  Ours definitely did not turn out as planned - it's a long story but let's just say it involved my husband catching a thief in the midst of stealing his car!  Do you ever feel like you are the person with the unnecessary drama because I am starting to feel that way!

 Pink Santa hats make every outfit better! (This and the headband below are both from Target.)

 We finally busted out the mistletoe headband!  It's our new favorite holiday accessory!

 On a long drive back to PA, Maggie fell asleep on my Peppermint Mocha latte.  She has good taste ;)
 My little lady loves pearls and pink!

 I promise this wasn't a planned mommy and me matching moment... we just happen to like the same things :)

But, now that it is the 19th I am getting myself moving to get Christmas cards in the mail and gifts wrapped!  I finished all of my shopping super early but somehow haven't managed to get around to everything else... oops!

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