Dec 31, 2012

Be back soon...

Happy New Years Eve! We are traveling but I will be back to normal with lots of fun posts to share soon!

Cheers to 2013!

Dec 27, 2012

Christmas Day

Hello all! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday spent with loved ones!  I know we did!  Santa was very good to our house!  We had our first Christmas morning in our own house!  Santa's workshop was open VERY late the night before thanks to a certain little lady who was determined to stay up and watch as many holiday movies as she could/wait for Santa...

Luckily, close to midnight, she fell asleep and Santa DID come!

The next day...
Pancakes were eaten.

Naps were had...

And lots of fun happened!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday filled with pancakes, naps and fun!

Dec 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

Merry Christmas everyone!

Dec 24, 2012

Arts and Crafts: Yarn Christmas Trees

Sorry for the delay on this post - the last couple days have gotten away from me and I am definitely in a mad Christmas scramble!  I hate putting things off until the last minute and am usually done all my shopping and prep before October.  This year = FAIL.  Too many kids?  

Even if I am super behind in all of the very necessary Christmas things, I have been on top of all my holiday crafting!  It keeps Avery happy and our house a little more decorated.  I found these yarn candy corn to use as inspiration:

Then I gathered my supplies {from Michael's as always}
*glue gun and glue sticks
*two different size styrofoam cones
*yarn. lots of yarn.
*spray adhesive (not pictured)

Step 1
Place a thin strip of glue along the bottom and lay yarn on it and wrap around, gradually going up the cone.  Add thin strips of glue as you go, but NOT continuously or you will end up with glue everywhere.  I used a black glue stick for you to see where I placed my glue.  The yarn spreads the glue out for you.  Do this over and over.

Step 2
{No picture}
Eeek.  So I forgot to take a picture of this.  
After you have glued one layer all the way up, take your yarn and just wrap around like crazy until everything is nice and thickly covered and no glue or styrofoam is showing.  You DO NOT need glue for this part.  The yarn will stick to itself.  

Step 3
The end.  The hardest part.  I finally decided to use spray adhesive because the glue was burning the youknowwhat out of my fingers.  I sprayed the top generously and layered the yarn into a pile/puddle thingamajig.  Sprayed and layered.  

I don't love the top but it gets the job done.

This was easy and fast and made our kitchen extra Christmas-y!

Happy Christmas Eve!

Dec 19, 2012

Xoxo, GG

(This post is a bit belated!) Who watched the Gossip Girl finale? Obviously, I wouldn't have missed it!  Don't keep reading if you haven't seen it yet!
Were you surprised that Dan is Gossip Girl?  I have been saying for a couple of weeks that it is and no one agreed! I was still secretly hoping that it was someone else (Dorota?!)

I love that Chuck and Blair finally ended up getting married, however, I wasn't a fan of the wedding/outlaw thing.  A little tooooo much IMHO.

And then there was THIS wedding.  Would it really happen like this?  And what is with Dan's look here?!
My final thoughts: Why would Lily go back with William after all his skeezy moves and how did Rufus end up with Lisa Loeb and in matching glasses?!  I am definitely going to be sad on Monday nights when my DVR is a little less full of xo's.

What did you think?

Oh How Pinteresting!

I'm linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple today!

Today it is all about the Holidays!  I have been trying to squeeze in lots of holiday crafts with Avery and for our house and, as usual, Pinterest has been my go-to source!

This link was removed but I still love this. 

*think of these in red as Christmas trees instead! Tutorial coming tomorrow!

I kind of love all of these pins and have been/will be working on making most of them happen! Let's be serious - I'm attempting all of them but will probably run out of time and end up with two done.  What are you pinning for the holidays? Follow me here!

Dec 18, 2012

It's the Holiday Season!

Finally we have a tree up!  Fingers crossed it stays up!

I'm going to enjoy this view every night... although the fire isn't guaranteed daily.

 I finally started wrapping today... I'm using my obsession with baker's string to help with the gifting!

Can you believe that Christmas is NEXT WEEK?! Insert panicky voice.

Dec 17, 2012

Say a Prayer...

I spent this weekend celebrating the holidays, but mostly thinking of everything that happened in Connecticut and all the lives lost.  I am trying to appreciate every second with my children even when they are throwing a tantrum because every second with them is precious.  I have such a heavy heart and hope that we are all continuing to send prayers to the families of those lost.  Every story that comes out from this tragedy is more heart breaking than the next.  I saw this going around on Facebook and it really stuck with me...

It is a Christmas ornament with the names and ages of all the victims.  Such a simple and touching idea.  

Dec 14, 2012

Take a Moment...

I don't have a real post for today.  It is too sad of a day.  I hope you all hug your children a little tighter tonight and say a prayer for all the innocent lives lost in Connecticut today.  I know that is what I will be doing.

Dec 13, 2012

'Tis the Holiday Season

Soooo we are a little behind on our holiday decorating (as in, haven't buckled down and done it.)  I blame vacation.  And children.  And a whole list of other reasons.  Our decorating is pretty minimal this year because of our experience with Avery and a Christmas tree when she was baby.  Greyson is a whole lot more grabby/throwy/violent and the ornaments don't stand a chance against this guy.  I fear for the whole tree actually. So we are letting the holidays sort of creep their way in... 

Clearly, our first priority was head gear.  Who needs a tree when you have something for your children's heads?

And we are doing some of this currently... (lucky little Avery gets to celebrate both!)

I have been listening to holiday music on the radio nonstop to try to motivate myself.  Clearly this combo is the best of the best.

We made our first gingerbread house as a family!  I think it turned out pretty well considering none of us have ever attempted one before!  Avery loved it and fell right asleep coming down from her sugar high.  Win-win.

Greyson has been representing for us all.

And then there is the itty bitty amounts of decor that are gradually appearing.  I like a vintage holiday look this year...

Best part of the last pic? It is in my bathroom and you can see my reflection.  Class act right here!

I need to get my youknowwhat in gear and finish shopping (something I am usually done with before Thanksgiving) and wrapping.  Oh holidays why are you here already!?! 

Hey Lauren Rene
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