Jan 15, 2012

Baby Update

I feel like this is what all of my posts are becoming... baby updates!  I generally don't share too much about it (I'm sketchy like that) but I thought an update would be in order.  We made it past the original and new due dates, making this baby a late one!  We also went in for our scheduled induction last Wednesday night and unfortunately it didn't work.  In fact, it did nothing.  I was pretty frustrated to say the least.  We are supposed to go in again tomorrow for another, but the doctors seemed pretty hopeful the baby would arrive on its own before then.  I'm going to go ahead and squash their hopes...

I have managed to get pretty much everything we need (luckily) and we are assuming this is a boy but why don't you go ahead and make a guess?

 Feel free to leave your idea in the comments below!

 Molly Sims announced she is pregnant with a honeymoon baby this week.  She was spotted at the Art of Elysium event in LA this week looking like this.  I struggle to make it out of sweatpants these days.  Le sigh.  Some people make pregnant look too good!

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  1. Such a great question! One of my high school friends is pregnant with her 3rd child and we recently got together for a lunch an playmate with all our friends and their mini me's...hehe...and my guess for her was she was having a girl, since she is carrying so high this time. Now, as for you...I'll say it is a...girl! :) Looks like you are carrying a little I'll go with the same old wives tale! ;) Can't way to know and all the best with the delivery!

    Liesl :)


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