Feb 2, 2012

Hairy Situation

Warning: this is way too much about me! Do you have something about yourself that you harp on/think about incessantly/beat to death talking about? Well I do.  It's my HAIR.  This head o' hair is making me CRAY CRAY.  Maybe it is the newborn/not really leaving the house, etc. thing that is making me focus in on it like a little loon, but seriously, I am having issues!

Anyway, I thought I woud provide some photo evidence as to why I need to make  change (justification is my middle name!)


*please ignore my lovely swollen preggo face and blinding paleness


 When we left California this summer I felt the need to go brown for a low maintenance look.  Thoughts? Clearly if I am blonde I will be thinner, tanner, more awake, have more time, etc.  (insert sarcasm here)  Please excuse my vanity and don't think I am anti-brunette because I want to make it work!  Major life issues, I know.

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