Mar 12, 2012

Glass Painting

I read something a while ago (I have no clue where) that talked about painting glass as a simple way to accessorize your house... and I have become a hardcore addict little enthusiastic about it!  We are trying to get our office organized and threw up some white shelves that needed something fun!  I found some old vases from our wedding florals and stocked up on Martha Stewart acrylic paint(they have the BEST color selection) and sponge brushes at Michael's and went to work!  It takes about two minutes to paint a coat!
  • First, wash and dry your glass.  Run some rubbing alcohol over it afterwards to make sure all of the surface is clean.
  • Squirt paint into the bottom of the glass (eyeball it, but go on the lesser side - you can always add more!)
  • Spread paint evenly using sponge brush.  Allow to air dry.
  • When glass seems dry, add more paint in coats as needed until you have the final look you want.
I did both pink and blue/greens and they are now sitting prettily on a shelf in our office!

So easy and inexpensive since we all have extra glass vases, etc. sitting around, right?!

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