Mar 13, 2012

This and That

I'm so full of random thoughts today so I thought I would just throw them all out there starting with what is clearly the MOST important...

 Why Ben?!  I was never into him at the Bachelor but I still had hope going into last night's episode that he would pick then nice, bubbly, sincere girl.  I was wrong.  

I still love Lindzi despite the crazy name spelling (I can't help it, I'm biased.)  I would totally want to be her friend!
 And is anyone else as excited as I am that the Bachelorette with Emily (finally!) is starting in two months?! Woohoo!  It's slightly embarassing how much reality TV I watch...

It's been over a month (oops!) but I still have to share my Pink Swap gifts!  I got so many fun goodies!

 I LOVE this bag and have been using it tons!  You can clean it so easily and personalize it to make it your own! 

Anyone else as happy as me that Lilo went red again?  Anyone else as worried about themselves as I am for caring...

And finally,  my blonderexia is back in full force and I am thinking Carrie Underwood has the perfect color.  Hopefully I won't be a total butthead and show up hours late for my appointment this week like I did last weekend (apparently I thought my appointment was hours later than it actually was.)

 And that's all I got!

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