Apr 24, 2012

Beauty Faves

I haven't been fueling my beauty product junkie habit lately due to a small addition to our family, but I still am getting my hands on what I can when I can (got to do, what you got to do, right?!)

Goody No Slip Headband - These really don't slip!  I wear these when I work out (and a lot of the rest of the time too) and they come in cute colors (my pack had pink, grey and brown) and stay in place!  They cost $5ish for a three pack.

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towlettes - I have tried a lot of makeup removers, mainly for eye make up.  I was using Almay forever but discovered these little goodies on a vacation and haven't stopped using them since.  

Revlon Photofinish Airbrush Foundation - I usually avoid drugstore foundation because you can't try it on, but this is one exception.  The mousse texture makes it go on light and makes it much easier to blend in.  The bottle also made it easy to choose the correct color in Target.

You can get them all at Target!


  1. I always have a hair tie back. Mine happens to be Lilly fabric (surprise, surprise). It actually works well. I love over the counter make up and have never had issues with it. I've never used Revlon though...just Cover Girl.

    1. What type of Cover Girl do you use? I find it is hard for me, at least, to do it without a recommendation because I am awful at matching my own skin lol!


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