Apr 4, 2012

Mom Bags

Now that I have two little people to raise, the amount of crap necessary items I need to have on hand and in my purse seems to have quadrupled.  One of my girlfriends who is an expert on all things baby gear wise steered me towards Timi and Leslie bags and I am obsessed now!  They are so cute you can't even tell they are a diaper bag!  They are made to be used after baby has outgrown them so you actually get your money's worth! I may own two (oops) but I use them daily and they make it so I can run out with my bag organizer inset and wallet in them and only need one bag for the three of us!

So cute, right mama's, mama's-to-be and bag-lovin ladies?!  Here is a mom on the go look I put together with one of my go-to bags...

Mommy Look

Enjoy this Spring weather lovies!


  1. ohh I don't even have kids yet (not anytime soon, first comes marriage (;) but that bag is so cute I might just get one anyways!!!

  2. Lol! That's why I love them! You wouldn't know there is baby stuff inside! They say you can use them as laptop bags after baby too! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I don't have kids yet but it's so refreshing to see stylish diaper bags! As a girl who loves handbags these would be perfect for me!


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