Apr 2, 2012

This Week in Pictures...

Can you all believe its April?! Where has this year gone?  Probably flying by due to lack of sleep for me!  This week was so windy and we definitely missed the warm weather but we got ready for Easter at my parents' house and I kept up with cooking (something I have been missing with a new baby!)

 I made this yummy Ina stew this week (love Ina!) and can't stop snacking on it!  I needed one last hearty winter meal before Spring hits! I finally had to freeze the rest so I would stop nibbling!

 This little guy LOVES talking to any sort of dangling toy! It is the sweetest thing!

 There were a few evenings this week that required cocktails.  I forget how easy my days were with just one little person!

 We made some Easter eggs to get ready for the bunny this weekend!  Someone loved it and even adopted her own egg baby (named Egbert... can't make that up!)

 Chatting away with mommy!

My sister-in-law's brothers created this DELICIOUS and healthy, all natural sauce!  If you see it, buy it! So yummy!


  1. So, you know I already like the Cupcake wine, but I thought I'd express it again here too! ;) LOL!


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