Apr 9, 2012

This Week in Pictures

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope Easter/Passover (or both!) was good to you all!  We had a low-key holiday week/end!  We celebrated Passover at Avery's school earlier this week and Easter at my parents' house this weekend.  I usually like to host holidays but with our colic-y little guy, I just couldn't get it together this year.  However, he is so sweet when he IS happy so it could always be worse :)

Avery is such a good big sister!  Makes me so happy watching these two connect!

How I get through the evenings (always the roughest time of day)

 I love dressing my little guy!  Who knew boy clothes could be so fun?!

 My little lady has been quite the ham!  She also refuses to wear anything that is not ballet related...

My poor pup got a deer tic bite... she is not too happy with East Coast living!

 And a few Easter shots!  Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Cuteness Overload = LOVE!!! <3

  2. CUTE! Great pics, Linds! And yes... dressing boys can be SO much fun!! xo


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