May 29, 2012


I know you all want an update on my little ones.  Really.  That's why you're here... insert sarcasm... It's been a big week in baby/kid land over here in the dirty Jerz.  We have had a LOT of changes happening (and yes, they are finally good!)

First of all, my little Grey man decided it was time to roll himself over! (back to front, he did front to back a few weeks ago.) And now that is ALL he wants to do.  And he has magically forgotten how to go front to back most of the time.  But he seems pretty happy with himself and his new accomplishment.
 (this was after his FIRST roll over!)

On top of that, little man also learned how to blow raspberries.  It is his new favorite past time, especially when I am trying to feed him!

And in one last baby news, the little guy is starting to get better at sleeping.  Starting is the key word.  It's going to be a gradual process.  And by get better, I mean wake up only once, twice or three times a night.  Little victories people.

My little lady has become quite the all star big sister.  She can be so cuddly and sweet to her little brother and it melts my heart!  It really is the happiest thing to me to see them loving each other!
And that's all I have for now folks! Cross your fingers these two stay as happy as they are (and asleep!)

May 21, 2012

Life in Pictures...

What would life be without pictures?  I swear, my camera phone is the best way to relay my life to you all.  Here is what has been going on the past week minus Grey and I being massively sick...

We are finally starting to feel better today so hopefully I will be back in full swing again soon!

May 16, 2012

What I am Loving Lately...

Here is what has been on my radar lately....

1. Teresa's necklaces on RHONJ
 She wears a Sydney Evan (I think) love necklace along with a second necklace.  Teresa may be a little cray cray but I really love how these necklaces look together!

2.  Givenchy Nightingale Bag

I love this bag and have been thinking about it nonstop lately.  It's so casual and easy and light (clearly I have been spending some QT with it at Neiman Marcus.)  She will be mine... one day!

3.  Ellie's house on Cougar Town
I've said it before, and I will say it again.... I LOVEEEE Ellie and Andy's house on Cougar Town.  It is a pink and green wonderland!  Happiness :)

4.  The Bachelorette
Some people may think she is too nice and not dramatic enough, but I adore Emily as the Bachelorette.  Find me someone who DOESN'T want her to find true love?

5.  Pregnant Reese

Just love her and her bump!

6. Skinnygirl White Cranberry Cosmo
Holy low-cal deliciousness! This bev is refreshing over some ice without breaking the calorie bank! My new cocktail of choice!

That's all for now folks ;)

May 14, 2012


Having two kiddos definitely makes the days FLY by!  Thank goodness for my ever-present iPhone so I can capture as many moments as possible! Seriously, what did people do pre-cell phone cameras?!

So what have we been up to lately?  Enjoy a cocktail or two...

 Been hanging out and doing some yoga with this little guy...

Made pizza!

 Snuggled the pup...

Enjoyed some rainy day fun...

And enjoyed a sick, but Starbucks-filled Mother's Day :)

Those are my pretty flowers! I love them - best ones yet!  I'm a lucky mama! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

May 13, 2012

Gold Watches

I love a large gold watch!  It is the perfect accessory to any outfit IMHO.  I remember when the Michael Kors gold watch first came out four years ago and how I scrambled to be one of the first to order one.  Now, everyone has one!  Clearly, I would love a giant gold Rolex, but we can all dream right?  My person gold watch of choice is a large Michele one which is the perfect medium price.  However, you can find a great gold watch at almost any price point!

The Gold Watch

Gold watches for everyone!

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