May 16, 2012

What I am Loving Lately...

Here is what has been on my radar lately....

1. Teresa's necklaces on RHONJ
 She wears a Sydney Evan (I think) love necklace along with a second necklace.  Teresa may be a little cray cray but I really love how these necklaces look together!

2.  Givenchy Nightingale Bag

I love this bag and have been thinking about it nonstop lately.  It's so casual and easy and light (clearly I have been spending some QT with it at Neiman Marcus.)  She will be mine... one day!

3.  Ellie's house on Cougar Town
I've said it before, and I will say it again.... I LOVEEEE Ellie and Andy's house on Cougar Town.  It is a pink and green wonderland!  Happiness :)

4.  The Bachelorette
Some people may think she is too nice and not dramatic enough, but I adore Emily as the Bachelorette.  Find me someone who DOESN'T want her to find true love?

5.  Pregnant Reese

Just love her and her bump!

6. Skinnygirl White Cranberry Cosmo
Holy low-cal deliciousness! This bev is refreshing over some ice without breaking the calorie bank! My new cocktail of choice!

That's all for now folks ;)


  1. Yay for a Skinny Girl cocktail and I too am loving The Bachelorette...I not so secretly love that whole series of shows! ;) Loving the "love" necklace too, I've been pondering getting one! <3

    1. Me too! Maybe it's time to finally add the necklace to our collections :)


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