Jun 5, 2012

Avery's Room

I have been trying to get some pictures up of our house BUTTTTTTT most of it is unfinished/not picture worthy.  Avery's room was the first room we got to work on and have 99 percent complete (we wanted her to feel at home ASAP, especially with a new baby coming.)  She picked out her paint color and her furniture so she should get a lot of the credit here!  My three year old is a budding designer!  (j/k?)  We had a rug that Maggie and our cats have all but destroyed so I am still on the look out for the perfect inexpensive rug that can withstand all the animals constantly playing in her room and her affinity for coloring in inappropriate places.  I also think I want to get rid of the blinds and replace them with a roman shade.  Feel free to share any ideas/tips! I am always open to ideas!

 This shelf is my favorite part... I am having a major shelf moment right now!

 This bookcase is a cheapie from Target, thank goodness, because it has been hit with stickers and pencils so far.  I spray painted the basket on the bottom.  This bookcase has since been re-arranged and currently looks much better IMHO.

 Wall decals that I scored 70% off at Target!

 The shades are Shabby Chic for Target.  The heart pillow is also from le Targ and the monogram pillow is from Pottery Barn Kids.  The bed and nightstand are from a vintage home store.  

 Close up of her nightstand.  She has quite the attachment to her vacuum lately.

 These toy bins are another great Target buy.  They are super easy to clean and hold a surprising amount of toys.  We got Greyson one in primary colors for his room as well!

I need to make a few adjustments, but this is Avery's room so far! I am happy with it and, more importantly, so is she!


  1. ohmygosh she has such a big girl room! LOVE

  2. absolutely adorable! I'm currently putting together Avas nursery ...its so much fun!

    1. Thank you! It is so much fun! I'm sure it will be gorgeous!


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