Jun 7, 2012

DIY: Chalkboard

 Newest obsession: chalkboard paint!  Go get yo hands on some stat then go ahead and make one of these bad boys!  (sidenote: I got mine at Home Depot and have seen it at Michael's!)

Anywho, here is the background on this rambling story... when you first work into our house you have the option to head into the living room or the kitchen.  If you choose the kitchen option you are faced with a random column of naked wall.  In my opinion, this wall lady needed to get herself dressed because she was just plain boring/ugly/unnecessary.  I had a brilliant idea to hang a mail basket or decorations of some sort there, but my husband kindly reminded me that I, and hopefully others, would walk smack into that.  Hence, the chalkboard idea was born.  Fun for the kids (and me, duh.)

I was planning on painting some wood but then my lazy bum decided I didn't want to sand/prime/measure/nag my husband to do these things so I had a light bulb moment - the generic mirror everyone had in college hanging on the door or wall!  I swung by Bed Bath and Beyond and was pleased to find a frameless one and scooped that bad boy up for $15!  I headed down the road to our home away from home, Home Depot and got the biggest can of chalkboard paint I could and a paint brush and headed home. 

Best part of the mirror you ask? (you know you do) it only needed to be cleaned, not primed at all!  So I cleaned her off and set to work!  It ended up taking about four coats of paint (over four days because we let each coat dry overnight.)  She turned out great IMHO!  Avery loves drawing on there, and I love writing annoying lists/tasks on there.  Mommy glory!

Now go forth my friends and make yourself a chalkboard while I find ways to use up the unnecessarily large can of paint I bought!


  1. I used to love chalkboards as a child, and I still do...this is too cool :)

    1. Thank you! There is something so fun about them!


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