Jun 1, 2012

Pink, pink, pink!

Happy Friday lovelies!  Aren't weekends so much better when it's basically summertime?  Anyway, I'm inking up with Kori at Blonde Episodes for Fashion Friday!

This week it is all about PINK!  It has been everywhere lately and I'm loving all the bright pink shoes popping up and think I need to grab a pair but that's another post for another day ;)

I can't decide what's best, the pants, shoes or dresses!  Drool!  Enjoy your weekend dolls!


  1. Oh, yes. Such lovely wonderful pink! Love it all. Especially Duchess Kate's dress. Oh my gosh. I swoon. ;)

  2. I find it funny how I totally used to hate the color pink with a passion. Now it's the first color that I flock to when I'm shopping.


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