Jul 31, 2012

DIY: Book Wreath

I have seen these book wreath tutorials floating around Pinterest and on Kathleen's blog I thought this would be a fun and inexpensive way to fill up some of the giant wall space in our living room.  We have a massive, MASSIVE wall that goes the length of our living room and the height of our entire house.  It's a beast.  But that's another post for another day.  

Back on track... 

So go get yourself an inexpensive wreath form (mine were the flat $5 kind from Michael's), your glue gun and an old book or two.  

Now go to town ripping the pages out of said books.

I then cut them nto smaller strips and glued them around the wreath so all of the styrofoam is covered.

For the first wreath, I rolled each page into a cone and folded the bottom 2 inches.  I glued along the folded part all around the wreath, in several layers until the entire thing was covered.

For the second wreath, I folded the pages accordion-style four times.  

I then folded it in half and put a drop of glue in the center to keep it together.  I glued around the wreath until it was covered on the bottom of the folded section.

And voila, finished product! Not the fanciest, but I like a more casual vibe and this fits perfectly!

Have a great day!


  1. THIS IS AWESOME. I've seen this all over pinterest! Yours looks great!


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