Jul 20, 2012

Friday Faves

Hi lovies! This week I'm linking up with the Bargain Blonde for Friday Favorites!  You know I can't help sharing what I love and putting it in yo face!

1.  Beverly Hills Nannies

New favorite guilty pleasure.  This show is a suck-you-in, our-drama-is-better-than-your-drama deliciously fun hour.  And it is on ABC Family... what?!  It should be hitting up your DVR on Wednesday nights, you won't regret!

2.  Tone It Up

The Tone It Up girls are my new faves in the workout world!  I am so on the border about signing up for their plan, but it is a wee bit pricey for my liking.  If you sign up for the mailing list you do get recipes and a new workout each week.  They are fun and challenging.  Their Instagram feed also shows how normal and fun they are... plus they are in RIDICULOUS shape.  

3. Michael Kors Watches

I think Michael Kors has really stepped up his watch game.  I obviously got the Runway when it first came out (so did everyone else) but he has added so many new fun ones recently and I definitely want to add to my collection.

4.  If you have read Fifty Shades of Grey (let's be honest, who hasn't?) then you need to click on the link my bff sent me to the world's greatest book review. Ever.  Enjoy.

5.  Vera Bradley travel bags

I feel like we are constantly traveling lately and I know all of your sorority girls out there are toting your VB travel bags around like it is 2003.  They are easy to clean and stuff full of crap important belongings.

And that is that.  Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Love knowing what you love! My sister just gave me "Fifty Shades of Grey" after she finished reading it...perhaps I'll have to jump on that bandwagon too! ;)

    1. It's so cheesy, but addicting! I had to jump on a new bandwagon after I finished Hunger Games lol!

  2. Beverly Hills Nannies is so entertaining. Some of it drives me nuts but I remind myself it's "reality" tv (keyword TV!). I will say that so many of the families here are like the ones on the show: CRAZY!

    1. Lol! I have a hard time believing any of it is real but I can only imagine what the families are like in REAL life!


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