Jul 18, 2012

Life in Pictures...

We have been busy bees over here in the Dirty Jerz...  I am getting so much better at going into the city with the kiddos (can't wait to figure out how to do it without driving in!)  Our house is finally starting to look like a real home, and my little babies are a source of CONSTANT amusement.  Greyson even has two, TWO teeth (and they are SHARP!)

 The group of pics above is my view from my daily speed shower.  Most amusing place in the house for him apparently!

 This girl is too trendy for me!  I def can't pull off shorts and booties!

 Avery is OBSESSED with Nordstrom Cafe.  I end up making her the "Nordstrom" for lunch pretty often (grilled cheese, grapes and tomato bisque.)

 Holy deliciousness.  I need to post this recipe asap.  It tastes about ten million times better than it looks.

 Can I pull of hot pink sparkle nails like my little lady?  I am scared to try...

I have an addiction to taking pictures of my children.  Let's go ahead and place blame on Instagram mmmmkay?


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