Jul 31, 2012


It was such a busy/fun weekend!  I love being in the NYC area again and having a pool to keep me tan my kiddies amused!

We traded in the first mom car *tear* and my kiddos were little troopers for the whole process! So.. why won't they ever sleep then?

These oars have been waiting for me to get my hands on them and I finally have!  I have them almost fully painted and one is going in Greyson's nautical room and the other one... well I have ideas!

 My little guy is finally big enough for his Red Sox hat.  Daddy is happy... Mommy just thinks he looks ridiculously cute in it!

I have been itching to make a chalkboard cheese plate and I got this cutting board for next to nothing on One King's Lane.  Adding this to my DIY projects...

I love watching my babies sleep on the monitor.  True creeper.  I probably shouldn't be allowed to have this next to my bed...

I made some dirty Arnold Palmer (a John Daley?)  Yum! Recipe to come!

When it is too hot or rainy to go outside we stroll around the mall a lot.  Avery has a love of the Nordstrom bathrooms, especially this giant mirror!

Someone is 6 months old and was feeling pretty happy about it...

How creepy is our cat making himself right at home in Greyson's room?

But... how cute is Maggie snuggling in our bed? (obvs I am a bit more of a dog person...)

Finally, isn't it nice to sleep and just spread out?
Have a great week!


  1. Oh my gosh, that little sugar in his hat is too precious and I have SO many pictures of my daughter in that same sleep position. I'm so excited to see what you do with the oars!!

    1. Aww thank you! I love how kids sleep, so funny right? xo

  2. Your children are SO cute! Love him in that little RedSox cap. And your daughter in the mirror, that's always fun to watch. Love me some Arnold Palmer. ;)


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