Jul 24, 2012

What's Been Going On

Happy weekend/Monday... a day late! We had a busy week/weekend... and a very hot and humid one at that! Oh California, how my hair and I miss your lack of humidity...

This kid LOVES food.  I think I could feed him three square meals a day and he would be more than a happy camper.  Wonder where he gets that appetite from...

On that note, he has gotten to the stage where he is into everything. EVERYTHING.

And he LOVES walking in his walkers.  Kid is OOC.

I finally got my roots did.  There was a good two inches of what looked like pure black (brown.) Loves.

Little miss thang has decided that a Super Girl costume is appropriate daily 100 degree plus weather wear.

This is the next day.  See? I wasn't kidding.

Sorry honey, I couldn't resist.  And that bag is full of vino.  Holla!

Who doesn't like dirty baby feet? This is the first time he has had dirty footsies and I love them!

We are also working on sitting up and playing.  It's a whole new world!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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