Aug 31, 2012

Fashion Friday: Pinkspiration

Happy Friday loves! Who is excited for the long weekend?! I know I am definitely ready for three days away!  This Friday I'm linking up with Kori at Blonde Episodes for Fashion Friday!

This Friday it's all about the PINK... shocker.  Seriously, I spend way too much time trolling the interwebs and checking out all the pink celebs are rocking.  I have a problem...

Yes, I count pink shoes.  I mean, who doesn't love pink shoes?!  Please tell me you all loved Beck's pink sneaks (he wears them a lot) and the gymnasts' pink uniforms during the Olympics? Gotta love the good old USA!

Aug 29, 2012

Oh, how Pinteresting!

This week I am linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for another Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!  

I spend way too much time trolling Pinterest, but I have been putting dinner, outfits, our house, and lots of DIY projects thanks to my internet creeping.  Really, how did I live without this before?!

Pretty, pretty bedroom.  I'll take the pup too!

And then there are the recipes...

Enjoy and have a wonderful Wednesday!

Aug 28, 2012

I Want That... Gold Disc Earrings

I am in the market for some gold disc earrings ladies.  Big time.  I saw these Jennifer Meyer ones which made me start shopping for the perfect pair.  Obviously the Jen Meyer ones won't be coming home with me, but I found some other great options!

Gold Disc Earrings

Jennifer Meyer Jewelry 18k jewelry, $4,255 / 14k earrings / Gorjana gold plated earrings / Lauren Ralph Lauren gold teardrop earrings / Fantasy Jewelry Box hammered jewelry

Aug 26, 2012

Life Scenes

Does anybody think this and all of the summer weekends went by too fast?  I cannot believe that it is the week before Labor Day already!  At least I love fall or this would be all too depressing!  We had a busy week at our house since Greyson started crawling all the way (scary!)  and we have been squeezing as much out of summer as we possibly can before school starts back up!

Sprinkles may everything better!

There are no words.

This, my friends, is a dog bed. My baby put himself in it.  He continues to do so.

We have a majorly jealous big sister...

Maggie has picked a favorite child, big time.

Bringing planking back!

She will kill me for this one day...

Cucumber gimlets = deliciousness!

Silly putty and the paper? NBD...

Dinner time with Daddy!

And there is a week! Make this one a good one!

Aug 24, 2012

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday love bugs! I'm linking up with The Bargain Blonde again for Friday Favorites for what I have been loving on this past week... and it is always hard to keep it to five aka I am an internet troller.

1.  Carrie Underwood's legs.  Oh, THOSE legs.  How many squats, lunges, hours on the treadmill does a gal need to do to duplicate those?! Help a girl out!

2. Gwynneth's summery look.  This outfit is so random, but I absolutely love it!  I love her casual waves, the shift dress and the simple yet scene-stealing sandals.  Jake on the arm isn't so bad either...

3.  Emmy Rossum's curls.  This is what I want my hair to look like when I don't dry it.  This has yet to happen.

4.  My new Lululemon gym bag.  The gym is usually my own time to myself during the day and I like to haul a lot of crap (baby stuff) to the gym with me.  Love this bag!

What are you loving today?  

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