Aug 5, 2012

Life Scenes

This week flew by! I swear summer goes ten times as fast as winter!  We had a lot of rain this week AND sunshine! We played inside and we played outside, we hit up the mall and watched the Olympics...

 We finally found a California-style quality sushi restaurant in NJ.  Best part is the fish tank which keeps the kiddos super amused!  It is BYOB and next to my favorite wine store... I found these yummy Logan and Foxen wines, but let's be serious, I only wanted the Foxen because of the anchor.  And, yes,  I am the creep who always eats seaweed salad.  Filling and delish!

Greyson is finally big enough to ride in a shopping cart (*tear).  This is just how wild my life is these days ;)

How was your weekend? Hope you all have a great week!


  1. Your kids are so precious! And yumm, I love sushi--that place sounds delicious!


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