Aug 13, 2012

Life Scenes...

Happy Monday lovelies!  How was your week?  Ours was b-u-s-y!  We are working on our bedroom (finally) and my parents were here for a visit.  

Greyson is starting to sit up and actually crawl, not just army crawl/do the worm around the house.  He LOVES Avery's Violet toy.... he sits and talks to her, which makes me think I should get him the Scout/boy version.  I'm okay with him loving on the purple girl though :)

 We got a stair runner (there are more up to the left) to make our creaky stairs less obnoxious/baby-waking.  I think they make the whole hallway a lot less blah...

I have been really into making my own granola lately and I tried a new recipe this week... yum!

Just doing a little computer work NBD...

We try to hit the pool whenever we can...

And we act really confused silly a LOT!

Baby gates popped up all over our house this week.  It is official folks, the mini man can move!

Avery tucked Maggie in for a nap and the sweet pup was LOVING it!

I am OBSESSED with caps St. Germain.  Delicious cocktails galore!

 I am also loving making breakfast sandwiches a la Wawa (if you don't know Wawa, well then we have a problem!)

Finally, a picture of my little guy sleeping and holding onto his bumper for dear life.  Melts my heart!

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