Aug 19, 2012

Weekend Recap

Hi loves! How was your weekend?  We headed down to Philly to celebrate my mom's birthday and attend the wedding of a close friend.  

New Jersey law requires dogs to be buckled in now and Maggie took it to the extreme when we stopped.

No trip is complete without an awkward sleeping shot...
Poor girl is going to hate on me big time one day.  Check out that amazing sunset in the background!

And my new favorite radio station played some ahhhhmazing jams!
That is C'mon N' Ride It in case you were wondering, immediately followed by some Paula Abdul.

How pretty is her dress?  I didn't get any better pictures than this, but it was stunning!

Quick outfit shot.  I raided my mom's closet and scored this little red peplum (it belongs to my sixty something mother!)  I added a Chanel bag, Michael Kors pumps, big pearls and J.Crew bracelet.

We also had family photos for my mom's birthday.  I wore a Gap dress and bubble necklace...

Here is a quick sneak peek!

Finally, let me leave you with this little gem my mom found.  It is me and my little brother looking fiiiiiine as the ultimate children of the 80's.

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