Sep 27, 2012

DIY: Chalkboard Cheese Plate

I'm ashamed to post this based on how easy this DIY project was, but I love it SO much that I have to.  I remember a wine bar I used to frequent (yes, frequent) in San Diego used to serve its meat and cheese platters on chalkboard cutting boards, and I thought instead of spending the money, I could make my own.

I scored this bamboo cutting board for $5 on One Kings Lane.

And then I went through my husband's man space our garage and found the rest of these items.

I rough sanded the entire board, both sides and all of the edges and painted about three coats of chalkboard paint on over a couple of days.  I really wanted each coat to dry well and be able to sand down any drip marks.

We got to use it last weekend!

I love it and this was definitely my least expensive DIY project ever!


  1. What a genius idea! I am totally stealing this DIY it look so easy!

    1. Thanks Nat! It was so easy and since I'm obsessed with cheese, worth every cent ;)


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