Sep 5, 2012

Thursday Randoms

I have been on a Home Goods kick lately (not that I'm ever not on one.)  My new favorite find? These hot pink polka dot Kate Spade sheets?  I didn't end up getting them (sad face) because I know my husband wouldn't enjoy sleeping on these... but I would!

How cute is this little lobster costume? I think we all know what Greyson will be going as this year!

How cute are these boots I spotted yesterday at Target? I would have bought them but they only had 10.5 and bigger left.  Think I need to order/store stalk these for fall... can't beat the price!

I had my first PSL of the season and got a packet of these Pumpkin Spice Via's.  I'm so excited to PS out at home!

I have a weird love of Maria Sharapova's outfit here.  I don't love it all together, but I really love each of the individual pieces.

I have recently become addicted to ABC Family shows... I blame Bunheads.  Now I can't stop watching Secret Life and Pretty Little Liars.  I'm an older version of my teenage self I guess!

This week is zipping by! Thank goodness for long weekends!


  1. Great HomeGoods find!! That costume is too cute!
    I LOVE ABC Family- don't ask me how but my sister got me hooked on Secret Life a few years back and it was like a bad car wreck, I couldn't look away. Now I watch pretty much every show on that channel and it's a long time since I've been a teenager :)!

  2. Home Goods is one of my FAVORITE places on earth...feels like Disney World to me! :) I kind of think I would live there if I could! <3

    1. I agree! It is definitely my happy (dangerous for my wallet?) place!

  3. I wish I had a Homegoods closer! Love that place. I thought about getting the Kate Spade sheets too but I resisted.

    PLL is one of my favorite shows. SO GOOD! I just love it. I am already counting down the days until the Halloween special

    1. ME TOO! I can't believe neither of us got the sheets! They need a good (pink) home!

  4. I need those kate spade sheets. so cute.


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