Oct 7, 2012

Life Scenes

Happy Monday lovelies!  How was everyone's weekend? My birthday was Saturday so we spent some time celebrating that and a good friend came to visit.  We also continued to work on our latest house DIY project (aka time/money drainer.)  

I made this yummy truffle grilled cheese and spicy tomato soup that Natalie at Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers blogged about.  I thought it was so yummy and I made enough soup that I am going to be eating it all week! Thank goodness it finally feels like fall because soup and fall go hand in hand for me!

On Saturday morning, Josh and the kids got me some beautiful flowers and a balloon.  Greyson discovered that he has a love of balloons and spent the majority of the weekend just like this.  

How great is this pink and green wrapping combo?!

Avery and I had a delish birthday snack (vanilla greek yogurt) with some fun sprinkles to make it even more birthday-rific!

My delicious red velvet cake!  Avery gets all the credit for this!

We spent Sunday running errands and working on our hallway makeover.  Greyson looked like a jail bird all day long!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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