Oct 9, 2012

Shop, shop, shopping...

It's Tuesday and I am in the midst of freaking out about how close the little lady's birthday soiree is.  Of course, I waited until the verylastsecond to start planning this party, so it is my own fault.  However, I think I can distract myself thinking of all the fall necessities that should be making their way to my house ASAP.  Right?!  And yes, some of these things are items I want for our house.  I like to have a shopping list just to keep things in check (JK!)

I seriously am becoming obsessed with anything Jennifer Zeuner! I'm also completely obsessed with initials and monogramming...

I want these shelves in white for Greyson's room to hold books.  

This chevron top is from Shop Sosie and I love it!  I like my shirts swingy and I also have a chevron addiction that needs a fix.  Plus, it is only $38!

This is just a given for the new phone.

I really want some fun hoops and these Michael Kors earrings might be just fun enough!

I lost my last bottle of this, but I think it is the perfect fall polish!

Finally, how fun is this nautical light fixture? I think I need it for my kitchen!

Happy Tuesday all!


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