Nov 4, 2012

Belated Birthday Soiree

This is a wee bit late (as in a couple of weeks) but we can blame Sandy for that.  This year for Josh's birthday we had some friends over for a dinner.  My bestie gave me a recipe for some amazing pulled pork that we made into sandwiches.

My wannabeMarthaness makes me go overboard obviously.  I am pretty sure Josh would have been more than content with burgers and beers.

I am certain I could eat dinner made entirely from appetizers nightly.  I. Love. Apps.  (not the kind on the phone silly!)

Sometimes you have kids crying, messes to clean, dogs yapping and you just need a quick and easy app that looks purty.  Do it my way and buy the shrimp ring, some delicious cocktail sauce (the kind with the shrimp is not quality) and re-plate it.  Ta-da.

Another thing I love way too much: crackers.  Trader Joe's Whole Wheat and Multigrains are some of my fave, as well as the thin 365 (?) brand.

But let's be serious, the real priority is cheese.... right down to the blue cheese inside those olives (wish they were in a martini right about now mmmm...)  Go ahead and make yourself a fun little cheese plate  before you plate that deliciousness up.

Hubby is a die-hard Red Sox fan.  Great thing for a guy working in and living around the NYC area.

Clearly, the icing on the cake (wait for it...) was making a funfetti style cake from scratch with my little lady.  It wasn't the best tasting cake for sure, but the icing tasted delicious.  Nothing beats homemade icing.

I forgot to take a picture of the heavenly pulled pork sandwiches, but trust me, ohmagawd they were tasty.  I'll have to make again and share later!  Thank goodness for a bff with deliciousness on hand!


  1. Yum!! I could live off apps too, I actually prefer them I'm not a big meal fan, I'm more of a picker

  2. Love your pink mixer! Hope you have a great week honey! Kori xoxo

  3. Your food looks super yummy!




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