Nov 1, 2012

Halloween Recap

We got to celebrate Halloween and go trick or treating yesterday, making life seem almost back to normal!  But, phew, Halloween with two kids is... a lot more than Halloween with one kid!  

Avery was Tinkerbell this year (we have a raging Tinkerbell obsession currently) and Greyson was Captain Hook.  Avery didn't think he was up for Peter Pan apparently.  We just had to skip the hook because, well, he is a baby, and a grabby, chewoneverything kind of one at that.  So this Captain Hook was short an eye instead of an arm.

First, and probably most importantly (at least to Avery) was a yellow and green sparkly manicure.  Priorities people.

And of course, face paint.  I think I may have opened the door to a serious face art habit.

My little Tink.

And a pirate...

I tried to get some family photos.  These were the best of the bunch...

Most of them actually look like this...

No one seemed as amused with this picture of Greyson as I was...

Do you see it? No? Look closer!

Even after a busy day and a late, late night this guy spent most of the night awake and crying and then was ready to party at 6 am.  Fun.

And in other news, Maggie has had enough and wants to go home.

Hope you all had a great Halloween!

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