Nov 13, 2012

Little Happies

Good morning lovelies!  I swear there has been cuteness overload going on at our house lately.  Maybe it is the cooler temps or daylight savings, but whatever it is I'm loving it.  In fact, here is a little list of things I'm loving lately (not materialistic - ha!)

Coming to get the laundry to find someone has made a bed of it...

Delicious wine, particularly this kind...

Drinking said delicious wine in front of cozy fire...

While sitting in front of the fire, having a little love bug sitting on the tippy top of the couch and being SO excited about it...

And little Miss Excited being joined by her pup and some friends...

Dog clothes.  Enough said.

And last, but not least, delicious baby faces!

Happy, happy!  Have a wonderful day!


  1. all of these pics make me smile!!!

  2. I second the comment above! I especially love dogs in sweaters :)


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