Nov 7, 2012

Pinterest Love

It's Wednesday and I'm linking up with Michelle from The Vintage Apple again for Oh, how Pinteresting Wednesday!

I want this.  And with it's fabulous price point I might just need to have it?

These are free downloads! I'm so on this!

I'm going to try to do this in the spring for the kiddos! It is genius and we have a surplus of book cases in our house for some odd reason...

More printables! I just love the whole look of this!  I definitely want to try these printables for some decorations and use this to inspire a table scape.

Must master.  Stat.

This looks and sounds like complete food porn.  Mouth watering.

Pure prettiness.

I love, love, love this whole look!

Easy and tasty side dish!

I mean... who doesn't really need this?!

This kind of reminds me of the house in the Father of the Bride movies.  So dreamy and pretty.

I'm such a Pinterest junkie and this helps me focus on some of my favorite pins and actually putting them to use!  Do you ladies have any fun Pinterest projects to share?  Follow me here!


  1. I love all the printables!
    I am now following your blog and your pinterest.

  2. love all of your pins! love the thanksgiving table with the banner! -annalizbeth


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