Nov 5, 2012

Sandy Life

Oh Sandy, how you are still messing with us.  These pictures are from last week (yes, I'm that behind) but they help update what has been going on.  We are still not home even though power finally came back on last night.  Josh is, but the kids and I are aren't.  The lack of gas and food at grocery stores is keeping us away for the moment.  And we all want to go home. Bad.

This kid has been super grumpy not being at home, but what a little ham he was before he got booted out of his house.

See? Ham.

He was having so much fun in the day light and candle light with the fridge magnets.  Avery was not happy about this.  Green monster strikes again.

In his initial boredom, Josh thought it would be a good idea to attempt to groom Maggie himself.

Poor, poor puppy.  This is hashtag worthy.  #thingsyoushouldleavetoaprofessional

This is out our living room window when the rain was starting.

See that big old tree RIP'ing the next day?  Oh, and all of our shingles on the lawn?

Hope you are all home and have power, food, etc.  Don't forget to donate what/if you can!

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