Dec 24, 2012

Arts and Crafts: Yarn Christmas Trees

Sorry for the delay on this post - the last couple days have gotten away from me and I am definitely in a mad Christmas scramble!  I hate putting things off until the last minute and am usually done all my shopping and prep before October.  This year = FAIL.  Too many kids?  

Even if I am super behind in all of the very necessary Christmas things, I have been on top of all my holiday crafting!  It keeps Avery happy and our house a little more decorated.  I found these yarn candy corn to use as inspiration:

Then I gathered my supplies {from Michael's as always}
*glue gun and glue sticks
*two different size styrofoam cones
*yarn. lots of yarn.
*spray adhesive (not pictured)

Step 1
Place a thin strip of glue along the bottom and lay yarn on it and wrap around, gradually going up the cone.  Add thin strips of glue as you go, but NOT continuously or you will end up with glue everywhere.  I used a black glue stick for you to see where I placed my glue.  The yarn spreads the glue out for you.  Do this over and over.

Step 2
{No picture}
Eeek.  So I forgot to take a picture of this.  
After you have glued one layer all the way up, take your yarn and just wrap around like crazy until everything is nice and thickly covered and no glue or styrofoam is showing.  You DO NOT need glue for this part.  The yarn will stick to itself.  

Step 3
The end.  The hardest part.  I finally decided to use spray adhesive because the glue was burning the youknowwhat out of my fingers.  I sprayed the top generously and layered the yarn into a pile/puddle thingamajig.  Sprayed and layered.  

I don't love the top but it gets the job done.

This was easy and fast and made our kitchen extra Christmas-y!

Happy Christmas Eve!

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