Dec 5, 2012

House: Our Faux Mudroom

I'm a little behind on this post, as we finished this project over a month ago, but better late than never right?  So I really wanted a house with a mudroom when we were house hunting, but that wasn't in the cards for us.  Our house has a pretty narrow hallway when you walk in through the front door and is seriously lacking in usable space.  There is a double sliding door hallway closet which is hard to use in the tight hallway space.  Enter Pinterest.  Or blame.  Your choice.  I think I need which my husband would choose...

Here is the hallway closet before

And that is without the bar, shelf and tons of junk that was taking up waytoomuchspace. Gross.

So off to Home Depot we went...

I'm not totally sure what we bought (that's Josh's thang) but I think it was 2x4's and plywood and whatnot.

Then Josh cut some stuff and hammered and nailed some stuff.

Avery tested the bench's sturdiness...

After we knew it could support a lot, we gathered what random paint we had: white trim paint and some left over sample Benjamin Moore from our bedroom.  And then we painted and painted... and by we, I mean Josh.  

A couple of hooks and baskets later and we have a finished product!

I LOVE our faux mudroom! It opens up our hallway so much and having everything out in the open forces us to keep it much more organized.  Everything is much more easily accesible without sliding doors to battle and the colors make me happy.  And thank you to my awesome hubby for making it happen!


  1. Wow!! That looks great! I agree, having things out in the open makes you so much more inclined to keep it organized.

  2. Oh it looks great and organized!

  3. I am so impressed!! Fabulous!


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