Dec 13, 2012

'Tis the Holiday Season

Soooo we are a little behind on our holiday decorating (as in, haven't buckled down and done it.)  I blame vacation.  And children.  And a whole list of other reasons.  Our decorating is pretty minimal this year because of our experience with Avery and a Christmas tree when she was baby.  Greyson is a whole lot more grabby/throwy/violent and the ornaments don't stand a chance against this guy.  I fear for the whole tree actually. So we are letting the holidays sort of creep their way in... 

Clearly, our first priority was head gear.  Who needs a tree when you have something for your children's heads?

And we are doing some of this currently... (lucky little Avery gets to celebrate both!)

I have been listening to holiday music on the radio nonstop to try to motivate myself.  Clearly this combo is the best of the best.

We made our first gingerbread house as a family!  I think it turned out pretty well considering none of us have ever attempted one before!  Avery loved it and fell right asleep coming down from her sugar high.  Win-win.

Greyson has been representing for us all.

And then there is the itty bitty amounts of decor that are gradually appearing.  I like a vintage holiday look this year...

Best part of the last pic? It is in my bathroom and you can see my reflection.  Class act right here!

I need to get my youknowwhat in gear and finish shopping (something I am usually done with before Thanksgiving) and wrapping.  Oh holidays why are you here already!?! 

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