Dec 10, 2012

Weekend in Review

Whew! This weekend zipped by! I feel like weekends go absurdly fast during the holidays because you need the time so much more. Rawr.  We spent ours rearranging our house (don't ask - my poor husband), waiting in the world's longest Santa line and snuggling my babes.

 I wish they acted like they look in these pictures all the time.  I'll take every second of sibling love I can get!

Avery made me curl her hair for her visit to Santa (tear.) 

Everyone wore red for Santa so I had to be annoying and go with green.  Turns out I don't own a single red shirt. 

These two may have been on their best behavior ever while we waited in line for over an hour.  We left covered in fake snow.  Let's just say I wasn't that amused.

Someone scored some new boots WHILE waiting in line...

How is she still so small? I look like a giant?  Love my little lady.

On Sunday, Maggie went on a bender... she peed on our bed, ate a pack of gum and some feminine products followed by a giant #2 in the playroom.  This was all before noon.  

Finally, my new go-to outfit.  Sometimes I change up the shoes.  Go get yourself a Madewell chambray shirt stat!  This was my drag us all to a day at Ikea *!?# look.
How was your weekend?

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