Dec 30, 2013

It's the Holiday Season... Or it Was!

Happy last Monday of 2013!  Can you believe this year is really almost over?! I hope everyone that celebrates had a wonderful Christmas and everyone that doesn't had a relaxing day off!  We had a great holiday spent with family and stuffing our faces.  My scale is going to slap me the next time I step on it.  We started Christmas Eve off leaving Santa some pink cupcakes.  There were only two left to leave for obvious reasons (aka they were tasty) and read every Christmas book we could find.

The next day was present opening mayhem.  The older the kids get, the more fun Christmas is.  They are so excited by all of their presents and are doing so well sharing them with each other.

I tried to make every attempt family photos without much success.  It is pretty impossible to get the four of us in a shot at once.

After the holiday we headed to upstate New York to visit some friends with my parents.  As a Syracuse grad I have a love of upstate and haven't been back in way too long.  No matter how cold or snowy it is, I love it there so much.  I also love how fabulous Avery and Greyson think it is to stay in a hotel, although they did stay up until all hours of the night from the excitement.

Thanks to the holidays I have acquired more budget friendly booty-covering loose tunic tops to add to my ever growing collection.  If it is loose and I can wear it with leggings then it is mine!

I was finally able to fit into my Hunter boots for the first time since before Greyson was born... since pregnancy hit my legs and calves (?!)  I'm not feeling all of this rainy cold weather however.  Snow I can handle, but the rain and cold just don't do it for me.  Minus the cute boots part.

We ended our weekend with some margarita's and football. So perfect for getting ready to cleanse and start a new year!

Happy Monday!

Dec 25, 2013

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!  

I'm taking a little break to enjoy the holiday with my family.  Be back soon! 

Dec 24, 2013

Life Lately...

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I cannot believe it is Christmas Eve.  I'm pretty sure Thanksgiving was actually last week.  Seriously, the time between Thanksgiving and now has absolutely zipped by and the last week especially has been a complete blur.  A very good blur filled with cute kiddos, delicious food and drinks, and so much fabulous time with friends.  That is the best part of the holidays for me, getting to spend so much time with all of my favorite people.  

With no school or regularly scheduled activities happening for a couple of weeks Avery and Greyson have been spending a LOT of quality time playing with their toys.  My house has been a total disaster but they have spent so much time actually playing together that I have pushed down the OCD and don't care.  I hope this lasts!

Avery is a truly seasonally challenged child.  She has spent the last week flapping around the house in her mermaid tail (which is meant for swimming in the pool with.)

I have had a lot of delicious drinks.  A lot.  They're necessary.

 I have been making some not so healthy, but super delicious eats, including a seafood lasagna and Natalie's amazing strawberry cupcakes.  When in doubt, pink counts as red ;)

Avery had a holiday party at her school last week and it was the cutest 30 minutes of my life.  There was singing, dancing, playing and tons of eating.  I think five is such a great age and I love watching her be so happy about school.

I got this blouse on super sale at JCrew, thank goodness, after eyeing her full price for a couple of weeks.  I think this is probably the most perfect Christmas shirt I could buy.

My ShopBop sale goodies also came.  I think ShopBop's sales are absolute favorite.  The fact that they will do Amazon Prime shipping makes it even better!

Yosi Samra flats are the most comfortable shoes ever.  I scoop them up anytime ShopBop has a sale and I highly recommend you do too!

We hit the mall for some last minute goodies and gluten-free deliciousness at CPK last night.  The kiddos love staring at Santa and cannot be dragged away from this railing.  However, they both start screaming and losing their shiz if we even suggest going to actually speak to him.  No Santa pictures this year.  Sad face.

We are off to pack up the car full of goodies and head out of town!  Have a very merry Christmas!

Dec 23, 2013

New Year's Resolution & Guest Post

Can you guys believe that New Year's is right around the corner?  I was shocked as we were finalizing plans and sitters this weekend in fall temperatures.  My brain is all kinds of mixed up right now.  This year I am making my resolutions before New Years... as opposed to after, which is my norm.  I know I have talked about weight loss and wanting to lose all of this dang baby weight (as I pop a cookie in my mouth) but this year I mean it.  I had a pretty successful year with weight loss thanks to the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  It was the first thing that has really worked for me and I am planning on doing it again in 2014!  This time I will be doing it with an entire group of people! (read below for more on that!)  I managed to lose 15 pounds in five months on the Challenge and in the months that followed.  I have another goal for this year to get back to my pre-children weight that I am going to start working on January 6th.  And today, I have a guest post from one seriously fit and fun mama, Lauren Rene.  She was my motivation and inspiration this year and not only does she have two of the cutest little boys around, but she throws a fabulous soiree and makes a mean craft!  

So, tell us a little about yourself...

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren and I blog over at I live in Southern California with my two, young, crazy boys and my handsome hubby. I worked in Interior design for many years, then put my business on hold to be home with the kiddos. You can now find me chasing my boys, crafting, cooking, exercising, throwing parties, and blogging about it all. I actually went to college with the fabulous Lindsay and we were sorority sisters....go Kappa!!

How did you find out about the Advocare 24 Day Challenge?

Exactly one year ago I was OVER IT!! I hated that my favorite pair of jeans were still maternity jeans (yes this was a whole year after my second son was born...I just loved that thick stretchy band lol). I was tired, eating my feelings, and totally unmotivated to get my butt to the gym. The kids were my excuse...they are my excuse for everything! I made it my goal to pull a total 180 in 2013, but didn't have a plan yet. Then I saw my friends results with the 24 Day Challenge on her Instagram account, stopped dead in my tracks, asked her about it and was sold! 

What exactly is the 24 Day Challenge?

The 24DC is a two part weight-loss program that typically results in an 8-15lbs weight loss, and a whole lot of energy. The first 10 days is a gentle cleanse (don't worry you get to eat...5x a day actually), and the next 14 days is the max phase that is loaded with awesome supplements for core nutrition, calorie burning, appetite control and energy. You pair the supplements with a very healthy and balanced clean eating regimen and have awesome results! The cool part is it's not a's a bad habit breaker and a jumpstart. While the results in the 24 days can be quite shocking, the changes it makes beyond the 24 days is what really matters. I always say it's sustainable...that's why it works at being the lifestyle change many people are looking for.

What were your results? 

I lost 10lbs in just the 24 days (and inches galore, that's the best part!) It was the ONLY thing that made that post baby weight budge for me. I then went on to lose an additional 20lbs in the months to come. My husband has lost 53 lbs this past year too all starting with what we learned from those first 24 days. I went from a size 8/10 to a 2/4, but most importantly we are just living a way healthier and more active life with our boys. 

after the 24 Day Cleanse

after six months

Tell me about the group challenge...

After family and friends started to see our results I would tell them about the 24DC. I also decided to share it on my blog. So many people gave it a whirl, and the results coming it just made it contagious. I started to get overwhelmed by the feedback, the questions and the interest level, so I created a private Facebook group with some of my blogging friends. It's a place for people to gather while on the challenge and ask questions, share their results and just gain a ton of information and encouragement from others who are also on it. There are recipes, meal plans, workout ideas and just a ton of awesome and uplifting people who are making big changes in their lives. We all decided to do another 24DC together starting January 6th. It makes it so fun to have the support of a group. The best part is when everyone posts their day 24 results...blown away is the only way I can describe it.

Can we all join the group too?

Obviously!!!...the more the merrier!! Lindsay did so great on her first challenge she is joining us this go around too for the group challenge that is starting January 6th. If you want to join us too just send an e-mail to Lindsay, or click the link to the challenge bundle below. We will make sure you get all the info you need and send you an invite to the Facebook group. It's such a fun group of people, who are all eager to kick off the new year together! I don't know about you but I am SOOOO ready to trim these Christmas cookies off of my waistline! 

Thank so much for having me over to your blog Lindsay! Happy Holidays to you all and I'm excited to get to meet some of you through the Facebook group!

Interested in doing the challenge with us?  You can get everything you need to get started HERE!  Feel free to email me with any questions you have at  And make sure you check out Lauren's blog!  Thanks again for stopping by today Lauren and I know that you can all help hold me accountable in the New Year!

Dec 19, 2013

Christmas Around Our House

So I have seen a ton of blog posts flowing around the interwebs of peoples' holiday decor and thought to myself "clearly your friends and closest strangers want to see your holiday decor before it is knocked around my grabby little hands and overzealous pets."  I won't be offended if you don't agree with that statement, not one bit.  I'm not a huge holiday decorator because I am so OCD about everything, including our home decor and I hate clutter.  Holiday decorating and I don't go all that well together.  

Our hutch is our favorite piece in our living room, so let's start there.  Santa and his ho's.  (not that kind!)

And then Gingersnap joined our family.  This guy and I have a real love/hate relationship right now, but that's another post for another day when I am not so busy plotting a toy elf's activities which inevitably leave me with some clean up and a happy child.

I love this silver tree I picked up at HomeGoods last year.  It may be my favorite decoration.  I also have last year's holiday cards out.  That was a  Pinterest project gone very right, however I can't seem to find the pin now.  

The kid's have their own little tree in the playroom to show off all of the ornaments they have been given over the years.  It is amazing what two mini sized people can accumulate in five years!

Avery insisted on making the tree topper... which I am fairly certain is something broken off a decoration at Target, that she found on the ground and pocketed.  Am I proud/worried/embarrassed/concerned? Yes?

This is our main tree in our living room.  We are high class and have a fake tree.  I am allergic to real trees (nerd voice) so this has to work for now.  I am on the search for a large tin bucket to set it in rather than skirting.  Please note the multiple ornaments featuring a mode of consuming alcohol.  Cheers to the holidays!

I had to bust out my DIY Yarn Trees from last year.  So glad they survived an entire year!  Totally worth the glue gun burns!

Now that I am feeling a lot more back to normal I have been sipping on some serious hot chocolate.  Hey Lauren Rene recommended adding Peppermint Schnapps and I think that needs to happen asap.  

I think this also means I need to stop drinking my calories and start thinking about my New Year's Cleanse!  Stay tuned for a post on that before it starts!

Happy Holidays love bugs!

Dec 18, 2013


Christmas is creeping up and it's time for all of the last minute gifts.  I know I am always running around the week before picking up some last minute additions once the main gifts are wrapped.  These are some fun little goodies I know I would love and would love to give!  (I like to buy for others something I would love to receive.)

The perfect addition for a coffee/Bucky's lover!

Practical and adorable? Yes please!

I think a mini makeup palette is always an excellent gift for a sister, mom, or girlfriend.  They're so handy to have around, yet something you would rarely buy for yourself.

A little sparkle never hurt anyone!  I tend to veer toward clear as it matches more.

A cute, comfy sweater is always a win.  There are something you can never have to many of and you might gift someone with something they wouldn't think to buy themselves.  Arm patches make everything cuter too!

JCrewKate Spade, and lots of department stores are having some awesome last minute sales so you can scoop up some goodies for your loved ones at even better prices!

Happy shopping lovies!

Dec 17, 2013

Sick Day

Yesterday was a bad day.  A very bad day.  Let's just say I spent the majority of my day doing this.  Trust me, you do not want to know any more.  

I used to take a Probiotic daily and stopped for no particular reason but after this fun little experience I will be back on it again.  It is great for you for lots of health reasons, but can help prevent stomach illness.  Yes please!

I also live for Aquaphor when I am sick.  My lips get so chapped and dehydration makes my skin seriously dry.  All I need is a tub of this to fix those problems.  I literally slathered it on my hands, lips and face last night.  

I will hopefully be back to normal tomorrow and normal posting.


Dec 16, 2013

Holiday Cheer Weekend

Happy Monday lovelies!  We had a snowy and fabulous weekend! My Friday involved drinks and snacks in pj's with some of my awesome mom neighbors.  I love living near so many other mom's around my age who understand the importance of wine.  And dips.  On Saturday we woke up to another snow storm but we had our annual holiday party with my college friends that no amount of snow could keep us from!  Seriously, what is better than a night with some of your favorite people sans kiddos and full of delicious food and beverages? Nothing?  Yes, that is the answer!  We are lucky enough to have some fabulous friends who have a beautiful house, amazing cooking skills, and serious party-hosting talent.  I borrowed a lot of these pictures from them too ;)

My friend Jess makes such a mean baked brie, I literally wish I was still eating it.  We also had some weather appropriate white Russians and an all white theme.  Everything was perfection.

I was so excited to order a white dress for the soiree but it didn't arrive in time so I went with white peplum and my trusty Minnie pants.  I love having an excuse to dress up! 

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

Hey Lauren Rene
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