Jan 29, 2013

Organization: January Update

Remember my post on how I was going to organize our house?  I'm trying to stick to it! Yeah, yeah I know it's still January, how long can it really last... However, thank you to my awesome husband (but I can go ahead and take the credit right?) the work in the bathroom is DONE.  I just need to tweak it/finish organizing/finish decorating.  Here is some of the progress...

Now, for the only before picture I have.  I thought I had taken more when we were moving in, but this is all I had.  It hurt to take more. 
It pains me to look at this.

I love, love, love the wall color (I'll get back to you on the color) and the bead board.  I have been swooning over the floor, especially compared to the dirty beast that lay there previously.  I'm also so unbelievably glad to be rid of the formica hideousness that was the previous vanity and don't even get me started on that wall paper.  The previous home owner was of a different generation and taste.  

We have been continuing to work daily to meet our January 31st deadline and I am so giddy every time I walk in and think that we did this all ourselves... ok, mostly Josh, but you get my drift ;)


Hey Lauren Rene
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