Jan 8, 2013

Pajama Party

Do you know what doesn't get enough attention? Pajamas.  So underrated.  While I love to dress up and try to find excuses to wear normal clothes (aka not my "mom" or workout clothes) I spend more time than I would like in sweats and pj's.  I just cleaned out all my old jammies because no one likes the faded, greying, frayed sleepwear.  I think it is fun to go to bed and wake up in something comfy AND cute!  (although that doesn't mean I don't sleep in way too big college tees and ancient sweatpants.)  Here are some that I am thinking about adding to my wardrobe...

{Vineyard Vines}



{Victoria's Secret}

{Neiman Marcus}

{Neiman Marcus}


I think the top two may be my favorites.  I think I might have a preference for all things nautical ;)


  1. NEver heard of tuckermuck. But very cute. LOVE the Jcrew ones too

    1. You must check them out! Cute preppy clothing! xo


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