Jan 25, 2013


I'm so happy this week is OVAH.  We have a busy weekend coming up and hopefully the kids will stop being such grumps/get over the winter duldrums.  It is my bestie's birthday and I can't wait to celebrate her!  This one is for you Mere!
I have been wearing so many layers, sweaters, and scarves this week.  My Uggs have also taken quite a beating thanks to this frigid weather.
AG jeans, maternity tank, Old Navy shirt, Missoni scarf.

Target jeans, Edelman shoes, random tank, AG sweater (I apparently really love AG?)

I'm also going to try to get better at meal planning for the week so that I don't have to make lots of rushed grocery trips and quit pizza!  I'm thinking of trying my hand at sweet and sour chicken...

I cleaned out our hallway closet and can't wait to fill it with office overflow. Love. Extra. Closets.

I love, love, LOVE this Pinterest living room find.  The colors are pure perfection and they need to work their way into out house somewhere... maybe the living room?  I need to find prints and frames just like those!

Let me leave you with this little gem which sums up a rough week...

Cheers to the weekend!

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