Jan 10, 2013

Thursday Randoms

Ah it's Thursday friends.  That day when the weekend is soooo close you can smell it!  I'm full of random thoughts today (what's different than most days?)  Let me hit you with my randomness...

I can't stop wearing this outfit.  I got this top from F21 right after I had Greyson last year and it didn't fit so it took up closet real estate until this winter and now I cannot get enough.  

Josh got me this necklace for Christmas and I adore it.  It is from Etsy (not sure of the seller) and I love that it has all three of my fam's initials on it.

Another day, another fierce outfit.

He is going to be 1 in less than a week.  Cue my heart breaking.

Another post-preggo shirt I can finally fit in.  I really went on a shopping spree last winter with some high hopes.  Eek.  Also, Greyson loves to kiss himself in this mirror...

I'm trying to be better at couponing.  I save them and stuff them random places with big plans of using them until I forget all about them.  I saw this on an organization blog and I am super excited to put it together and MAINTAIN IT. {cough cough}

This guy keeps waking up with serious bedhead.  I love it.

And little miss Mags snuggled up with one of the most loved items in our house - my hairbrush.  She and the kiddos are constantly fighting over them.

This little guy helped me organize all our travel stuff the other day.  We are still working on it since he stops to chew on almost everything.  Ahhh....

Happy Thursday! 

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