Jan 31, 2013

Thursday Randoms

It's time for my Thursday brain dump... Josh gave me these slippers for Christmas.  They are SO comfy and I wear them all the time when we are home in hopes (yeah right) of keeping our floors cleaner.  They are on sale for only $9.99 now!

This of course led me to browsing through the Restoration Hardware baby and kids section.  They have so much adorable stuff! I have never thought to look there for decor for the kids' rooms!

Speaking of cute kid's things, I am currently obsessed with Kicky Pants pajamas.  I need to stock on some more of these awesome jammies for Greyson.  They have a little tush flap so you can do diaper checks and the material is so soft!

I know I am a little late on this, but here are my favorite looks from the SAG Awards this past Sunday.
I think Marion Cotillard's gown is my favorite.  Navy is definitely my second favorite color after, duh, pink.

Finally, have you heard of Vine?  It is my new favorite app.  I'm addicted!
Now you can see my little goof balls in action! Ha!

Is that enough randomness for you?  TGIalmosF!


  1. I'm a huge slipper feen- I have 3 pairs- I might need to add those to my collection! Ok I'm heading to check out RH baby stuff now- I completely forgot they had a baby section- this could be trouble!

    1. The slippers are on sale for $9.99 right now! Get some, they are perfect post-baby wear! And the RH baby section is so dangerous! I love their stroller blankets, I think that would be perf for you!

  2. There is a local store here that has a big Kicky Pants sale every year. It's amazing. You buy an empty bag for a certain amount of money (~$100) and then you get whatever you can fit into the bag! This year we probably got over 30 things (t shirt, pajamas, pants, etc) and retail it would all go for hundreds, maybe even more. My nephew basically lives in the shirts and pants but my sister doesn't like to pay full price. The sale is intense though-women line up as early as 7 AM and then wait in line all morning

    1. What store does that? I still have been coming back out there every few months since we moved back East. I can't find any stores out here that sell KP so I usually order online. That's intense but so worth it! It is kind of like the Lilly warehouse sale lol!


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