Jan 24, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Oh Thursday, thank goodness you are here.  The kiddos have been super grumpy this week - I blame the cold - and we have a busy weekend so they will be nice and occupied, and hopefully happier!  On that note, I am full of randomness today...

I finally got a manicure! It has been so long it worries me, especially since my hands have been seen in public and the manicurist looked offended when she saw them.  I got a Shellac color that I couldn't fin the name of.  It is the perfect red!
New goal: maintain this...

Speaking of cold... it was 11 degrees at 9 am today.  I miss California. So. Much.

Here are my little grumps.  They have been better at playing together, although Avery is still learning how not to be too rough with Greyson.  Poor kids, they just want to play outside!
 P.S.  The iGuy, which you can kind of see above, is one of the best purchases we have ever made.

I am thinking of getting a new watch with a strap.  I used to wear a Michele one after college until the strap wore out.  I want a really big, brown or tan one with gold.  These are the best I have found.  I love the look of the Marc Jacobs one, however, the chances I would be able to tell time on it are very slim.

Finally, two awesome pink dresses from the Golden Globes after parties.  I love them both!

This cold weather must be getting to me because I am thinking Nikki Reed's hair color is amazing and doable for me right now...

Eek! Time to plan a warm weather trip!

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