Feb 1, 2013

New Master Bathroom

Ah! I'm so excited! Our master bathroom is FINISHED! Finito, fin, donezo.  My hubs did pretty much all of it on his own (except for the things I helped with, like wall paper remover, etc.)  We still have a couple of finishing touches left like repainting the medecine cabinet and finding some cute pictures and new towels, but I love it so much.  I no longer feel like my skin in crawling every time I go in there.

To refresh, here is the before picture.
Gag. Vom. #!$?

Now to the afters...
We stripped off that flowery mess of wall paper and added bead board and a pale greyish blue paint.  I am in love with this color.  Seriously, it is whole house-worthy.  We also added new accessories (minus that random door) such as a towel rack and toilet paper holder and painted all the doors.

We installed new lighting.  Everything we chose was in a brushed nickel finish.  

 We took down the ancient and absurdly heavy three cabinet medecine cabinet.  That beast was starting to dissolve I swear.  We got a giant, plain piece of mirror.  It makes the space seem so much bigger because it isn't deep.

 We removed the formica nonsense and got a simple white vanity and a plain white top.

 New sinks and faucets - and they're so CLEAN!

We added a medecine cabinet over the toilet (it is used) and a new, eco-friendly toilet.

There is a peak of our new waffle weave shower curtain.

Finally, our new floor.  This was our biggest splurge and I adore it.

A HUGE thank you to my awesome husband for doing this!  He put so much work into this and it wouldn't look this great without all of his effort!


  1. Beautiful! We redid our guest bathroom in our old house and it looked very similar to yours it the beginning. I love how yours turned out!

    1. Thank you mama! There is something so relaxing and happy about having a bathroom that makes you happy!

  2. Gorgeous!!! Those floors are to die for. What paint color did you use on the walls, would you mind sharing? I'm on the search for a perfect blue gray!

    1. Thanks Nat! The paint is Behr Reflecting Pool. I'm so obsessed with it that I think we are going to paint our other two bathrooms the same color. It is at Home Depot. Get a sample, you will not be disappointed!


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