Feb 25, 2013

Oscar Weekend

Happy Monday lovelies! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  We had a great one!  As usual, it involved food.  Our lives seriously revolve around food.  We have been having a lot of make our own pizza nights at home and it is so fun.  The kiddos love it too!  And donuts.  Always donuts.

Greyson has been teething like crazy.  He got two molars this week and it looks like six more teeth are trying to come through.  He has been gnawing on bagels to help.  Random, but he loves it.  Maggie has decided I'm not really her favorite anymore and is trying to make nice with Avery.  It only took four years.  

We went to one of Avery's besties' birthday party on Sunday and it was so much fun!  Snow White came and I seriously think that may have been the peak of her little life.  She told Josh she met the REAL Snow White.  

Did you all watch the Oscars last night?  I was so disappointed with the fashion.  It was the worst of all the award shows so far.  I did think Seth MacFarlane was pretty good.  His opening was hilarious and awesome.  Minus William Shatner.  Gah, he really gets on my nerves!  Here are my top picks from the red carpet:

And, as usual, my favorite was Kerry Washington.
Thank goodness for KW and her killer red carpet picks this year!

Have a great weekend peeps!


  1. I don't know who the actress near Sandra Bullock is, but I love her dress ! Lovely blog, by the way !x

    1. Thank you! The hot pink is Maria Menounos (Not sure why she was there). xo


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