Feb 26, 2013

Recipe: My Favorite Protein Smoothie & Hot Cereal

It's Tuesday and that means three more days until I am in sunny Florida!  I'm hitting you with two quick and easy healthy recipes today.  While I continue to work off this baby weight (ughhhh) I make a protein smoothie my breakfast a lot of mornings and I will definitely be drinking a lot of them this week!  My personal favorite is peanut butter and banana and this is my go-to recipe for a lower calorie, high-protein packed meal or post-workout fuel!

Almond Milk (I usually use unsweetened vanilla because it is only 40 calories a cup.  This week we had gotten sweetened for Avery.)
Protein (I was in a pinch and grabbed this from Target.  It was the lowest calorie one they had.)\
PB2 (35 calories a tbsp!)

- Fill your blender with one cup of almond milk
- Break your banana in half and add
- Add one scoop of protein powder
- Add one tbsp of PB2
- Blend until smooth

If you have not tried PB2, you must go get some! You can mix it with water into a peanut butter that is specific to your thickness and so low in calories and fat is ridic!

Organic multigrain cereal
Cream (I use soy)
Stevia or Truvia

- Cook oats according to instructions
- Remove from heat, stir in a splash of cream, pack of sweetener and top with berries
- Eat and enjoy!

These are two of my breakfast go-to's.  They are healthy, under 400 calories and keep me full for hours! Plus, they're EASY and FAST - two major musts for this mama!


  1. I need to try that protein shake- I'm not a huge banana fan though but maybe with peanut butter it won't be too bad.
    So jealous you're headed to FL!!

    1. I can never eat plain bananas... probably why I always have peanut butter involved ;) Hope the house is coming along quickly and easily!


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