Feb 13, 2013

Workout Wednesday

Week 2 of Workout Wednesday is here...

My pants are Lululemon Run Inspire Crop II, my top is Target (they don't sell it anymore) and a Lululemon scarf.  Buy these Lulu pants.  They are my absolute favorite and have some compression to them so I wear them on airplanes and don't swell! (that's a sad but huge feat for me.)

I posted earlier how I have been reading The Paleo Solution.  It is definitely interesting and I have learned a lot, however I don't think I could give up all carbs and dairy (feta and parmesan what what!)  I am definitely eating a TON less of both these days.  I also avoid processed foods and definitely believe in that but sometimes in the evening when I am starvvvving I cave and eat something processed.  I usually feel noticeably more tired and just kind of gross after.  

My breakfasts lately have been eggs and veggie patties.

I'm trying to juice when I find time.  I feel SO good after drinking the juice.  Yep. Just said that.

And a new favorite healthy snack: avocado, tomato, sea salt and lemon juice.

I also talked to my awesome, ridiculously in shape and super healthy friend Kate (read her here, she is amazing!) who suggested I focus more on weight and less on cardio.  That is what I am going to try this week! It definitely helps to know people who should/could be trainers.  

What are you doing for you and your health lately?

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